Defined Values Consultants Pvt Ltd is integrating the individuals and institutions into a Global Collaboration Framework through which all major problems of the Ecosystem will be fixed right at the root, thereby creating a win-win situation for all citizens of this planet. We have codenamed the entire scope of our work as Project YugParivartan (Project Grand Change). We conduct regular public events to interface with the Target Audience to explain them the vision, mission, framework, benefits, expectations etc, so that a person can take informed decision for his/her professional and personal development. The Registration forms for upcoming events are published on our website and other event listing websites from time to time. We are promoting following four professional services as part of Project YugParivartan.
1. Self-Actualized Leadership Network (SALN) is a group of specially trained leaders, whose Final Mission is registered with SALN, which is a Mission Networking and lifelong learning platform for leaders. We conduct regular SALN Seminars to explain about the overall vision of Project YugParivartan and What is in it for a leadership aspirant and spiritual seeker.
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2. Defined Values Trainers Network (DVTN) is a trusted global organized network setup to aggregate the high quality trainers required to channelize the potential of organization’s workforce into high performance. We aim to induct each citizen of this country into the vision of Project YugParivartan for which we have designed various communications and trainings. All Trainers inducted in this system are trained through Self-Actualized Leadership Development Program (SALDP). DVTN conducts regular knowledge sharing seminars to enable knowledge flow and learning agility in citizens.



3. Defined Values Business Network (DVBN) is a trusted organized network of businesspersons and professionals from various business domains. Call 9810375146 to know more about DVBN and becoming part of this rapidly growing community of high-conscious business persons.




4. Self-Realized Mentorship Network (SRMN) is a group of SRMDP Certified professionals who deliver the high quality SALDP content to the SALDP participants. SRMDP or Self-Realized Mentorship Development Program is our high quality program to create Self-Realized Mentors. Those wishing to become a spiritual guru can first attend the SALN Seminar before meeting our Chief Mentor 1-to-1. In case you want to setup a 1-to-1 with our Chief Mentor Mr. Hitesh Chandel, kindly send an email to with subject as "1-to-1 request for SRMN".



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We look forward to build a lasting trusted relationship with you. There is something for everyone in Project YugParivartan.

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Vision Statement

To be a global institution of self-realized mentors from all religious, social, political and regional backgrounds, so as to facilitate the unified transition of the highest order wisdom to each citizen of this planet"

Mission Statement

To develop and network the Self-Actualized Change Leaders from all walks of life so as to fix the root causes of issues which are adversely affecting the quality of life of the citizens of this planet, by creating a Global Integrated Ecosystem of peace, prosperity, justice and universal harmony

Company Objectives

  • To provide high value leadership training to corporate employees in particular and people of all professions in general, so as to improve their management and leadership effectiveness.
  • Guiding the citizens to actualize their full potential, by bringing them at par with the values prescribed by great leaders, philosophers and self-actualized and self-realized souls, who have left a legacy of wisdom for humanity to learn from.
  • Facilitate the realization of the Mission Statement of the participants on best effort basis, subject to the compliance of the same with the objectives of Project YugParivartanTM (a mission to unite institutions under a common value system of the highest order)