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You can read first few chapters of the book on Amazon Kindle or Author's Blog free of cost before taking decision to order a Paperback or eBook edition of the book. This book contains 460 high quality pages and 184 pictures of the design framework on which our creator has created all of us and the entire Ecosystem. 


About the book

This book is the user manual of every human machine regardless of any human to human dividing parameter defined by human communities. It explains the complete design framework on which our creator has designed all of us. It explains about the maximum potential of each human being and the path to realize the same.

It explains the vision to convert each organization of the world into a highly effective institution. It attempts to merge all existing religions, faith systems, theologies, management and leadership philosophies into a Utopian theory that can easily be understood by all intellectuals of the world. It summarizes the past, present and future of humanity with a clear vision of the New World Order based on the highest human wisdom. It shows the vision to integrate the entire world back to One Country, One God, One Workplace and One Family. It also explains the high level design of carbon neutral Vedic Cities (wisdom cities) as an inclusive, exclusive and conclusive solution to save the humanity from all the vices.

It provides a benchmark to understand the point of view of each human being by elevating oneself to “God’s Point of View”. It explains the root causes of inflation, recession, disengagement, crimes, corruption, terrorism, pollution, unemployment, family feuds and last but not the least, the dreaded Global Warming. It also provides a clear solution to fix all these issues right at the root by developing Self-Actualized leaders in all fields.

It also attempts to integrate all Gurus (mentors) of the world under one roof, so that the highest order wisdom can be transitioned to all human beings in most effective manner. It explains the real needs of all human beings and a path to assure the sustained fulfillment of all needs for all human beings. In short, this book provides a clear vision to make the planet earth best place in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen.

Last but not the least, it is an invitation to each reader to participate in “Project YugParivartan”, the grandest change event of this creation cycle. You have all what it takes to change the world right within your own human machine. So, read on, discover your role and create the history.

Chapter by chapter summary of the book

The content of the book is structured as 26 Articles (Chapters), with each Article building upon the wisdom revealed in the previous article, to provide a clear vision to fix all the issues of corruption, inflation, recession, pollution, unemployment, poverty, terrorism, Global Warming and all other vices confronting the humanity these days. The Article wise summary of the book is explained below:

Article 0.0 - Preface - Article 0.0 sets a strong foundation of the wisdom embedded in the book by summarizing the intent behind its existence. This is not just a book which focuses on a particular subject, but is a highest order wisdom to revive the living conditions of all human beings of this planet and ensure a safe and secure planet for current and future generations of humanity.

Article 0.1 - Mission and Vision - Article 0.1 focuses on Author’s Mission Statement which is to develop this planet as a best planet in the universe to live and work for each of its citizen. It summarizes why Bharat (India) was called as Vishwaguru (Mentor of the World) during ancient civilizations and also indicates why it is right time for the humanity to collectively work towards restoring the status of this country again, so that it can bring the humanity out from the various vices confronting almost all countries of the world today due to a leadership void across the world.

Article 0.2 - Need for Change - Article 0.2 and Article 0.7 to Article 0.25 are depicted as a dialogue between the Author and Supreme Soul. In Article 0.2, the author is reminding the God that He had promised that whenever the decline of value systems goes below a certain limit He manifests through a human being to fix the issues through divine revelations. The Author reminds the God that why He is delaying the fulfillment of His promise to the humanity even when the situation of the world today badly needs such incarnation. God challenges the Author that instead of pointing finger on others, why doesn’t author become the change that he wants to see, which prompts the author to connect to the souls of various eras to understand the pattern of collective human consciousness during ancient civilizations.

Article 0.3 - Story of Bharat – Golden Age (Satyug) - Article 0.3 to Article 0.6 are hence depicted as dialogues between the Author and the souls of a particular era.

Article 0.4 - Story of Bharat – Silver Age (TretaYug)

Article 0.5 - Story of Bharat – Bronze Age (Dwapar Yug)

Article 0.6 - Story of Bharat – Iron Age (Kaliyug)

Article 0.7 - Project YugParivartan - In Article 0.7, the Author reconnects with God, after getting some motivation from the souls of previous eras, and proposes his name for some role matching his skills in the Grand Change process “Project YugParivartan”.

Article 0.8 - God’s Mental Map - Article 0.8 is wherein God explains the Author that if a soul completely aligns to His mental map, He can manifest through the human machine possessed by that soul. God explains the logic behind the entire creation cycle and the pattern of declining and elevating collective human consciousness in various eras.

Article 0.9 - Change Agent Network - In Article 0.9, God unveils that time for His human manifestation is indeed round the corner and the transition person to terminate Kaliyug (Dark Age or Era of Ignorance) will soon take up his position and start fixing the spiritual defects of humanity and save them from the pangs of ignorance. He also gives the names of the Change Agents selected for previous Grand Changes and also suggested role names for the current Grand Change (Project YugParivartan).

Article 0.10 - Needs of a Human Being - The Article 0.10 focuses on explaining the Maslow Model of Human Needs, where God starts revealing the scope of current Project YugParivartan to the author, whom He has now appointed as the Project Manager for this project. 

Article 0.11 - Points of View Article 0.11 explains the process of creation of "point of views" in detail.

Article 0.12 - Why Yoga? - Article 0.12 provides a glimpse of how yoga can help resolve the difference in viewpoints of people and align them to the God’s point of view.

Article 0.13 - Ten Elements of All Creation - In Article 0.13, God details about the various Material and Conscious elements through which everything in the universe is manifested including all the problems and their solutions. 

Article 0.14 - Destiny of a soul - Article 0.14 focuses on explaining the correct destiny for each soul and why one should take every action in life by aligning the same with the right destiny.

Article 0.15 - Science and Spirituality - Article 0.15 is dedicated to explain the science and spirituality of human existence.

Article 0.16 - Chaturyugi Cycle - Article 0.16 explains about the current creation cycle of four eras of declining and ascending collective human consciousness in detail.

Article 0.17 - Defined Values Article 0.17 introduces the reader to the highest order value system established by God.

Article 0.18 - Four Levels of God ConnectionArticle 0.18 explains the four levels of connection that a soul has with God based on the level of evolution of the consciousness in his human machine.

Article 0.19 - Four Pillars of Humanity Article 0.19 details about the four eternal pillars of all institutions and spreads light on the need to demolish the other useless divisions created by human communities from time to time. 

Article 0.20 - Cause and Effect - Article 0.20 explains the root cause of all the vices confronting the humanity and also explains in detail the effect it has produced in the form of degradation of this planet.

Article 0.21 - Evidence of the Last Prophet - Article 0.21 is from where the solution towards saving the planet and the humanity from dying a slow death, is revealed. This article provides the evidence that God has already started manifesting in a human form as the last prophet of this creation cycle, to elevate the collective human consciousness.

Article 0.22 - New World Order – Back to the oldest one - Article 0.22 details how the New World Order would look like when all the cities of the world are redesigned in the manner depicted in this article. God pointed that the true spiritual knowledge cannot be transitioned to other human beings by means of mass communication, and the teacher student ratio plays a very important role in effectiveness of the teaching.

Article 0.23 - Guru Shishya Parampara - Article 0.23 explains how the wisdom should be imparted to the seeker through a proper methodology without which the current situation of the world cannot be improved.

Article 0.24 - Chief Yog Officer - Article 0.24 is where the God provides the evidence of His human manifestation and offers the Author to host His incarnation in his own soul by completing his yoga (unison) with God.

Article 0.25 - Acknowledgements, Apologies and Invitations - In Article 0.25, the Author realizes that all the problems of the world is due to the fact that he has not developed his full potential and wisdom to resolve all issues of humanity. He realizes that God has already provided all the facilities in his human machine to fix all these issues. He also acknowledges the various people who have helped him in documenting this Utopia theory of Absolute Truth which is destined to become the biggest scripture of humanity ever in this creation cycle. Finally at the end of the book, the author invites all readers to join him in building the infrastructure for Satyug (Golden period of humanity) by uniting the entire world back to one country of high consciousness environment as per the vision revealed in this book.

About the Author


Hitesh Chandel was born in New Delhi, India to a middle-class family. He worked with several leading IT products and services companies as programmer, Technical Lead and Project Manager, before realizing his passion for writing books. His profession took him to countries like US, Germany, Italy and Singapore on software development assignments, but he never liked the idea of settling down there.

There was something buried deep in his heart to do something for his Motherland Bharat (India) and re-establish its status as Sone Ki Chidiya (Golden Bird) and Vishwaguru (mentor of the world). This inspired him to do a deep self-study of the ancient Vedic philosophy even while doing a fulltime job in the IT industry. The hard work finally resulted in his spiritual enlightenment at the age of 35. He quit his MNC job to launch his own organization – “Defined Values Consultants”, with a vision and mission to provide high value leadership and management consulting based on Vedic wisdom. The Transcendental Consciousness achieved by regular practice of Yoga principles has inspired him to author this book, which is an outcome of his deep meditation sessions with the Almighty.

This book summarizes the root cause of all issues confronting the humanity today including corruption, poverty, over-population, recession, Global Warming, inflation, attrition, retrenchment, family feuds, communal disharmony and all other vices inflicting the humanity these days. In a first of its kind ever, the book goes on to provide a clear vision to fix all the above issues right at the root and take the world towards a new era, by terminating the era of ignorance, Kaliyug (Dark Age). The most distinctive and unique aspect about the author’s writing is in challenging the belief that the problems of mankind are intrinsically social, economic or political. In his enlightened wisdom, these are only symptomatic of a “Spiritual deficiency”, which is the underlying root cause of all the problems and hence need solutions that find their base on the Spiritual realm.

He has code-named the project to accomplish this goal as Project YugParivartanTM (Project Grand Change). He is all set to convert the vision into reality through the Self-Actualized Leadership Development ProgramTM designed by him. His first book also gives a snapshot on the list of books that he intends to author in future as part of his inspired wisdom from the Divine Powers. Here is the complete set of literature that he will be authoring during the deep state of meditation.